First junior games 4:20pm.    Last game for seniors 9:00pm

TUESDAY  COMPETITION:   Starts 10th September 2109    
Boys U/10
Boys U/11-12
Boys U/13-14
Men’s O/35
Mixed Open (Ladies and Men)

WEDNESDAY  COMPETITION:  (Girls Only)  Starts 11th September 2019
Girls W/7-8
Girls W/9-10
Girls W/11-12
Girls W/13-14
Girls W/15-17  (graded W15/16  and  W16/17)
Ladies Open
Ladies O/35
SAP Girls and Boys (MWFA reps only)

THURSDAY  COMPETITION:  Starts 12th September 2019
Mixed U/6 boys and girls
Mixed U/7 boys and girls    (girls only are on Wednesday)
Boys U/8
Boys U/9
Boy’s U/15-17   (graded U/15-16  and  U/16-17)
Men’s Open A/L

NOTE:  Summer Football at Cromer Park is played primary for enjoyment and to keep your skill levels up.   The above mix of age groups has proved very successful in previous years, but are guidelines only.  Depending on entries received, if a better mix of ages becomes available to make a more balanced competition we may vary the ages in each division.

AGE GROUPS  in Summer Football are the same as the 2019 winter competition.
eg.  If you turn 7 anytime in 2019 you will play U/7’s in the 2019 Summer Tournament.
Players can register no more than 2 years above their normal eligible age-group.
eg.  A player turning 10 anytime in 2019 can register in the U/11-12’s but a player turning 9 will first need approval from the Tournament Director.

Rd.1   Week of Tues. 10/9/19
Rd.2   Week of Tues. 17/9/19
Rd.3   Week of Tues. 24/9/19
NO GAMES week of Tues.1/10/19   (1st week of school holidays
Rd.4   Week of Tues.  8/10/19     (2nd week of school holidays)
Rd.5   Week of Tues.  15/10/19)
Rd.6   Week of Tues. 22/10/19
Rd.7   Week of Tues. 29/10/19
Rd.8   Week of Tues. 12/11/19
Rd.9   Week of Tues.  6/11/19
Rd.10  Week of Tues. 19/11/19
Rd.11  &  Finals:   Week of Tues. 26/11/19  (All teams play)