We use the DRIBL competition system  (same as the winter comp.)
The draw and table can easily be viewed via the DRIBL App which you can dowload from the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play Store (Android).
A guide on how to activate your Dribl App is available by  CLICKING HERE
To quickly lookup your favourite team CLICK HERE 
To quickly lookup your draw CLICK HERE 
 When adding your Team or League as a favourite start by searching under "Manly Warringah Summer Football"

The draw and table can also be viewed by using a web browser and clicking on https://mwsf.dribl.com/ 

The draw for U/6 to U/10's is always subject to change as we try to keep these games as evenly matched as possible.
The draw for U/11-12 to O/35 teams is based on the following format.
6 team draw: Teams play each other twice (10 rounds). Finals night as per below.
8 team draw: Teams play each other once then split into a top 4 and bottom 4 for Rds 8-9-10.  Results of the top 4 teams determine the Tournament Winner. Bottom 4 teams play for positions 5-8
10 team draw: All teams play each other once (Rds 1-9) followed by Rd.10 TBA. Finals night as per below.

FINALS NIGHT (Week commencing 27th Nov.) 
U/6 to U/10 teams play Round.11
U/11 to O/35  All teams play based on their standing on the competition table.
1 v 2  Major Final to determine the Tournament Winner.
3 v 4
5 v 6 etc

We follow Football Australia policy not to have a competition tables for U/6 to U/11's.  
This is to encourage the younger players to have more fun bettering their skills, rather than playing simply to win.
It also allows us to modify the draw to help minimise the number of one sided high scoring games.

To check what day you are playing go to the COMPETITION INFORMATION page