Mixed U/6 Boys and Girls
Girls only U/7-8 
SAP U/9-10 and U/11-12  (Rep players)
Mixed Open (Men and Ladies)

Boy's U/10,  U/11-12,  U/13-14
Men's Over-35

Girls U/9-10,  U/11-12,  U/13-14,  U/15-17
Ladies Open
Ladies Over-35

Mixed U/7 Boys and Girls
Boys U/8,  U/9,  U/15-17
Men's Open A/L

CLICK HERE to view the draw in iCompMan   (available early September).
First game is the week commencing 13/9/21
Make sure the "Competition" field is set to Summer 2021.      Best to set "Date From" = 1/9/2021 and "Date To" = 10/12/2021   Fields = "All"
PLEASE DO NOT PRINT THE DRAW AS IT CAN CHANGE.  Always best to check the draw the day before your next game.

The draw for U/6 to U/10's is always subject to change as we try to keep these games as evenly matched as possible.
The Draw for U/11-12 to O/35 teams is based on the following format.
4 team competitions play each other 3 times with Rd.10 TBA
6 team competitions play each other twice. (Rd's 1-10)
8 team competitions play each other once, then split into seperate top/bottom 4 where the teams play each other once. (Rd's 8-9-10)
10 team competitions play each other once (Rd's 1-9) with Rd.10 TBA

All U/6 to U/10 teams will play Rd.11
EVERY U/11-12 to O/35 team will play based on their standing on the competition table after Rd.10
1 v 2 (Major Final to determine the tournament winner)
3 v 4
5 v 6 etc