(1) What about wet weather.
Rain is not a problem with the synthetic surface, and games will generally NOT be called off just because it is raining. But we still need to be vigilant about lightning. Most lightning storms pass over quickly so game times could occasionally be slightly delayed.
There is plenty of cover for spectators from rain at Cromer Park.
The Northern Beaches Council sporting grounds wet weather service does not normally apply to the synthetic fields at Cromer Park during our summer tournament.

(2) I don’t have enough players this week. Can I borrow players instead of forfeiting.
Yes of course.! Forfeiting should be your last resort.
Please, always consider your opponents, as they are affected the most if you forfeit.
If you cannot field at least 4 players (including any borrowed players) please give us as much advance notice as possible by calling 0410-501761
See Playing rule 4 about borrowed players, but briefly,
• Teams must field a minimum of 4 players (including any borrowed players)
• U/6-7-8 teams: Maximum 3 borrowed players allowed in a team of up to 7 players.
• U/9 to seniors: Maximum 2 borrowed players allowed in a team of up to 6 players.
• Players cannot be borrowed from a higher division and cannot play for the same team more than two times.
• Borrowed players must be written on the game card and identified to the opposition team manager before commencing the game.

(3) How do I register additional players in my team.
New players can be registered anytime with a maximum of 10 players per team.
Simply send us an updated team registration form and tell your new player to register on-line.

(4) Players Insurance
Insurance is provided by Football NSW. (same as winter comp)  For all details about insurance go to the Competition Information page.

(5) What do I do with the Referee’s Card.
On arrival either team can collect the scorecard. Before the card is handed to the referee any borrowed players must be identified to the manager of the other team and their name added to the card. At the end of the game both teams should check the score. It is the responsibility of the winning team (or the home team in the case of a draw) to return the completed referee’s card to the “RESULTS BOX”.

(6) Why do we want to know the U/6-U/10 scores if they have no competition table.
MWSF supports Football Federation Australia guidelines that there be no competition tables up to U/10. The priority for these younger players should be towards improving their ball skills and having fun, not just playing to win. By continuing to monitor the progress of the teams with no competition table it gives us the flexibility to amend the draw (if required) to try and minimise the number of one-sided high scoring games.
We want all teams, the strong, and the not so strong, to have competitive games and enjoy the tournament.

(7) Can I purchase any food or refreshments at Cromer Park.
A BBQ will be running most nights selling drinks etc at a reasonable price.