Team Registrations Now Open.  


CLICK HERE to download the team registration form.

Complete the form using your PC and then save it as a Excel file to your desktop, using your team name as the file name.  There is no fee to register your team.
(b) E-mail your completed form to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
(c)  All details how players register can be found on the Players Registration Page

If you have any questions about registering your team please e-mail us (preferred option) or call 0425-416190

TEAM INFORMATION FOR MANAGERS:  (see playing rules for more details)
(a)  Minimum of 8 players for U/6 - U/7 teams. (9 per team works best)
(b)  MInimum of 7 players for U/8 - O/45 teams.  (8 per team works best)    
(c)  Players must be registered by 3/9/21 to play in the first game. Late registrations will only be processed for the first game if there is sufficient time.  Additional players can be added at any time during the tournament.
(d)  No team can have more than 2 players who played representative football in the previous season. (Playing Rule 2a)
(e)  In the Mixed Open (adults) no more than 2 of the 5 “field players” can be male.  (Playing Rule 5a)
(f)  Free playing shirts provided for every player to keep. Players to provide their own shorts, socks and shin pads.  (Playing Rule 3).
(g)  Players Insurance is provided by Football NSW. (same as winter comp)  For all details about insurance CLICK HERE

TOURNAMENT OVERVIEW:  (see playing rules for full details)
(a) Teams field 6 players per side except for U/6's and U/7s who play 7 per side.
(b)  6, 8, or 10  teams per division depending on entries.
(c)  10 rounds plus a finals night where every team plays.   (1 v 2)   (3 v 4)  (5v6)  etc.
(d)  Games are 36 minutes duration (2 x 18 minute halves) with 1 minute for half time.
(e)  Kick-off times 4.20,  5.00,  5.40,  6.20,  7:00,  7.40,  8:20pm starting with the youngest age-groups on first.
(f)  Qualified referees appointed to all games.
(g)  We support Football Australia (FA) policy not to have competition tables for U/6 to U/10-11.    FA want the emphasis of these younger players to be towards developing their ball skills (and having more fun) instead of just simply playing to win.  Having no competition table also has the added benefit of allowing us to amend the draw (if required) to help minimise the number of high scoring one-sided games.
(h)  If there are insufficient entries in a division, teams will be notified of any suitable alternatives, or all monies will be refunded.

PLAYER REGISTRATIONS  (see Players Registration Page for all relevant details)